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Let's not confuse the death penalty after a lawsuit with proof witnesses and / or material of the crime and the seriousness of the offense to society with what is happening in some parts of the world. The public lynching by popular revolt is something odious and should repel with all our strength, no one should be sentenced to death without fair trial.

Sialkot Brothers Brutal Killing Complete Footage "THIS IS ISLAMISM,This is local barbaric culture"

AUG/15/2010--Complete footage of Brothers Mughees & Muneeb.Two innocent teenage Brothers killed in Sialkot Paksitan, Brutal Killing by Lynch Mob,--The incident happened while police & many people watching 2 hours brutality. Villagers misidentified them as bandits & killed them, brothers happened to be at wrong place at wrong time.

SEP/21/2011-- An anti-terrorism court convicted 22 people, 9 policemen among them, in a case relating to the lynching of two brothers in Sialkot. The court sentenced seven of the convicts to DEATH on four counts, gave life-term on four counts to six of them and jailed nine policemen, for three years.

Islam is the religion of hate in the Islamic majority countries and where this religion is practiced fervently, the cult of hate is practiced with bloodshed. When Jews and Christians do not have to kill, they kill their own specific compatriots and brothers of faith and belief. Barbarous people who still make hasty judgment right there on the street and execute people without even submitting it to a trial with the right to defense. But evil is not in Islam itself, is the human being anywhere in the world people usually gather to see a scene of blood, either an accident or murder. The fights between rival fans for developed countries is a proof that the man carries the seed of evil and sin. Only a new world with a new humanity regenerated by the power of God that will put an end to this deplorable picture. (By: Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe)

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