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Comment from: Professor Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe

I love being a teacher, and I teach in public schools, even though it is my second activity, but indiscipline in the classroom needs to be contained energetic attitudes. Bullshit conversations and psychologists are worthless. When people take a good few slaps from an early age learn to respect authority.

I know that my speech is anachronistic, but this is the truth. People are confusing modern words such as: law, democracy and freedom with others like: Mess, tolerate evil, disrespect, disorder. Words law, democracy and freedom fit perfectly with righteousness, intolerance of evil, discipline, expulsion, respect, fear and disposal, in severe cases with the death penalty.

Theorists are doing a darn evil for society to try to explain evil and error. Evil and error, we have to eliminate. The bad students, undisciplined, drug users, and rebels have to be expelled from school. "TREE born crooked can not be straightened." We spent time and money as wolves and failing to take care of the sheep (the good citizens).

A little education goes well in agronomy. You knew eliminate weeds in the field and fertilize and cultivate the vegetables??


Chennai: A Class 9 student has allegedly killed a teacher inside the classroom of St Mary's Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School in Chennai on Thursday.

There was disbelief and dismay at the private school in Chennai, after the student allegedly stabbed his teacher. Thirty-one year old Uma Maheshwari, herself a mother of two, was teaching science and Hindi at the school for the past 10 years.

The 15-year-old boy reportedly brought a knife in his school bag. He allegedly entered the class around 11 am on Thursday, well before others where the Hindi teacher was waiting. He reportedly stabbed the teacher five times. She raised the alarm and the other students rushed in. The accused boy reportedly did not try to run away.

Video Photo GalleryAccording to the school authorities the student allegedly stabbed the teacher for being strict with him.

PTI Photo

A seriously injured Uma Maheshwari fell down bleeding in the class. She was rushed to the hospital, but succumbed on her way. School officials say the student used to attend school regularly, but was a poor performer.

According to the school authorities the student allegedly stabbed Uma Maheshwari, who used to teach science and Hindi, for being strict with him.

School authorities say that the teacher had also complained to the boy's parents about his behaviour, and also scolded him on several occasions for neglecting his studies.

School Principal Father Bosco Periyanayagam said, "He used to attend school regularly, but did not study too hard. Like any other teacher would have done, Uma wrote remarks in his school diary. That may have been why he killed her, or perhaps there is anothe reason we don't know. "

The teacher was allegedly stabbed in the throat and stomach when she was waiting in an empty classroom for the fourth period to start. Following the commotion and the alarm raised by the teacher, other students and teachers rushed to the classroom and apprehended the student.

Uma Maheshwari's body has been sent to the Government General Hospital for autopsy. The student has now been taken into custody. The police questioned him, school officials and other teachers. Reports say he may be sent to a juvenile home after questioning.


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